$400: Investor Raoul Pal Predicts Strong Price Rally ↑

The experienced investor Raoul Pal recently expressed his optimistic outlook on the upcoming price increase of Solana (SOL). During an interview with InvestAnswers, Pal compared Solana to Ethereum and predicted that SOL could potentially experience similar growth rates as ETH. Even if Solana doesn't achieve the same level of performance as Ethereum, a twenty-fold increase is still conceivable, according to Pal.

Pal emphasized that Solana has significant potential compared to Ethereum's low point in 2018, when the price increased by a staggering factor of 47. With Solana's low point at $9, interesting figures could indicate that Solana could rise by twenty times in the future.

This assessment is based on Pal's confidence in Solana's well-established protocol and the impressive growth of network and ecosystem activities. If Pal's positive prediction proves to be true, the price of SOL could potentially surpass the $400 mark. This would represent a significant increase compared to the previous peak of $259.96, which was reached during the previous bull market.

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