$1,000: Top Crypto Analyst Sees SOL Rising by +562.25% ↑

A crypto analyst predicts a staggering surge for Solana (SOL), which could propel the cryptocurrency by more than +562% to a price of $1,000. But what's behind this remarkable forecast?

While Bitcoin (BTC) is gradually heading towards a new all-time high, a leading crypto analyst has drawn attention to Solana. Raoul Pal, CEO of "Real Vision" and a prominent figure in the crypto industry, compares Solana's current situation to that of Ethereum (ETH) in the last bull market.

Pal explains in an interview: "If you replicate what ETH did in the last cycle, it was a 45-fold increase from the low. So we're looking at about $500." Such a rise to $500 alone would be remarkable given the current price of $151. However, Pal goes even further, seeing Solana potentially reaching $1,000 in the best-case scenario.

The crypto expert emphasizes that these predictions heavily depend on the structure of the current market. Should a "bubble cycle" develop, prices could soar even higher than before. In a normal scenario, however, a target of $500 for Solana seems quite realistic.

Regardless of the exact price movement, both forecasts are extremely bullish for Solana (SOL). Pal encourages investing in crypto at this stage, noting that this is the time when other cryptocurrencies outperform Bitcoin and Solana outperforms Ethereum.

But which other altcoins could also see high gains? While Pal sees potential gains of over 560% for Solana in the best-case scenario, current forecasts suggest that many new and smaller altcoins have the potential to be even more bullish. Particularly cryptocurrencies in the artificial intelligence (AI Coins) sector, meme coins, or those from the Bitcoin ecosystem are currently considered promising.

Overall, Bitcoin derivatives currently have momentum on their side as the fourth Bitcoin halving approaches in a few weeks.

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