$600: Expert Predicts 245% Price Increase for Solana ↑

Solana (SOL) has experienced some stagnation in recent weeks, but a renowned trader now predicts an explosive surge to $600. Solana's price action has been volatile lately, but this phase could soon come to an end.

According to the well-known crypto analyst CryptoJelleNL, Solana could rise to $600 in the coming months, despite many investors already throwing in the towel. The current trading range is at $174, but a surge to $600 would represent a notable increase of 245%.

Although there are no signs of such a surge on the daily chart yet, there are interesting developments behind the scenes. Particularly in the realm of meme coins and NFTs, Solana is leading the pack.

A frenzy is currently underway in Solana's meme coin ecosystem, overshadowing Ethereum and other competitors. A plethora of bullish meme coin trades are happening on Solana, and in the NFT space, Solana maintains its top position.

Compared to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, Solana boasts the highest number of NFT traders and transactions. With 488,000 NFT traders and 6.2 million NFT transactions in the last month, Solana leads by a significant margin.

Despite some technical challenges and transaction failures, there are still positive catalysts that could drive Solana's price in April. In particular, upcoming airdrops and narrative alignments could further strengthen the Solana ecosystem and lead to a significant price increase.

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