$150,000: Interplay Between Bitcoin and US Dollar Has Significant Implications ↑

A decline in the US Dollar Index could trigger a massive Bitcoin rally. Real Vision analyst Jamie Coutts explains the crucial role of the DXY in Bitcoin's future performance.

The Influence of the US Dollar Index on Bitcoin

Jamie Coutts, an analyst at Real Vision, highlighted the close relationship between the performance of the US dollar and Bitcoin. In his posts on the social media platform X, Coutts explained how changes in the US Dollar Index (DXY) can significantly impact Bitcoin's market behavior. The DXY, which measures the value of the US dollar against a basket of six major global currencies, is closely monitored by market analysts and investors.

Coutts emphasizes that a decline in the DXY could act as a catalyst for a significant Bitcoin rally. According to his calculations, the price of Bitcoin could rise substantially if the DXY were to drop about three percent from its current level of 104.52. A fall in the DXY below the 101 mark could enable Bitcoin to increase by approximately 127% and reach a price of around $150,000.

Key Thresholds and Risks

Coutts points out that risk assets, including Bitcoin, tend to perform well when the US dollar weakens. This is because the DXY reflects the market's real-time expectations regarding liquidity, and increased liquidity is favorable for risky assets like Bitcoin. According to Coutts, the 101/102 range in the DXY is a critical level to watch. A break below this level could signal a strong upward phase for Bitcoin.

At the same time, Coutts warns of potential negative scenarios. Should the DXY strengthen and rise above the 106/107 range, it could negatively impact Bitcoin. Such an upward movement in the DXY could push the price of the largest cryptocurrency back to levels last seen in February and possibly down to the $50,000 mark.

Overall, Coutts' analysis shows how closely the movements of the US Dollar Index are linked to Bitcoin's price development. Investors should therefore closely monitor DXY trends to better predict Bitcoin's future direction.

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