$3,500,000: Major Bitcoin Prediction by Thomas Fahrer ↑

A significant advocate for Bitcoin, Thomas Fahrer, co-founder of Apollo, recently shared a notable forecast for the cryptocurrency's price. According to his predictions, the value of a single Bitcoin coin could reach $3.5 million by the year 2030. This ambitious forecast is based on a variety of factors and growth expectations outlined by Fahrer in a recent post on the social media platform X.

Optimistic Outlook Due to Global Asset Growth and Increasing Bitcoin Acceptance

Fahrer's optimistic outlook for the price of Bitcoin is based on two main factors. Firstly, he expects significant growth in global assets by 2030. Currently, Bitcoin represents only a very small percentage of these assets, but Fahrer anticipates this share will increase significantly by the end of the decade. Secondly, he sees increasing acceptance of Bitcoin as a store of value, which could further contribute to its appreciation.

Forecast Based on Global Asset Growth and Bitcoin Share

Currently, Bitcoin represents only 0.1% of global wealth. However, Fahrer predicts this share will rise to 5% by 2030. Based on his calculations, which take into account expected global wealth of $1,500 trillion by 2030, this translates to a Bitcoin price of $3.5 million per coin.

However, Fahrer's forecast is not without controversy. He acknowledges that his prediction could be considered conservative in certain respects. In particular, global asset inflation could exceed the 7% annual growth rate he assumes.

Possible Scenarios and Impacts on Bitcoin Price

While Fahrer predicts a significant increase in the value of Bitcoin by 2030, there are various scenarios that could unfold. Even if Bitcoin only captures a 1% share of global wealth, this could still lead to a substantial increase in the Bitcoin price. In such a scenario, Bitcoin could reach a value of over $714,000, representing a significant increase from current price levels.

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