$3,211: Solana Expected to Surge by 10,000% ↑

The Layer-1 blockchain Solana is considered one of Ethereum's major competitors, despite the near collapse of the ecosystem during the FTX debacle. Since hitting a low of around eight US dollars in December 2022, the SOL token has catapulted to its current yearly high of 35 US dollars almost a year later. Further growth is now projected for the coming years, as indicated by the recent report from asset manager VanEck.

In a bullish scenario, VanEck suggests that SOL could reach $3,211 US dollars by 2030. This would represent a staggering growth of over 10,000 percent from its current level. Conversely, a bearish forecast from the same report sees SOL at a modest $9.81 US dollars, a far cry from its previous all-time high of $260 US dollars.

Source: VanEck
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