$528,000: A Revolutionary Forecast by PlanB ↑

While Bitcoin (BTC) continues its relentless upward trajectory, a groundbreaking prediction from a well-known expert named "PlanB" has stirred excitement within the crypto community. The highly regarded Bitcoin analyst predicts that BTC will reach a remarkable value of $524,000 by the year 2028. This corresponds to an impressive annual increase of $131,000.

PlanB, a respected chart analyst and top expert from the Netherlands known for his precise Bitcoin predictions, also has a long-term price target in mind. His expertise and influence in the crypto world are reflected in his massive following, consisting of over 1.8 million loyal followers who follow him on X (formerly Twitter).

In a new forecast for BTC, PlanB announces to his followers that Bitcoin will never fall below $35,000 again. Instead, the cryptocurrency will rise to over half a million dollars in the coming years!

As justification for this bold prediction, PlanB cites the upcoming Bitcoin halving. He points out that most Bitcoin transactions have occurred within specific price ranges in the years following halvings. For example, prices were below $16 in 2012, between $256 and $1,024 in 2016, and between $4,000 and $16,000 in 2020. PlanB concludes that Bitcoin will likely trade between $65,000 and $524,000 in the next four years leading up to the next halving.

Such a development may seem unimaginable to many: from the current $38,268 to an incredible $524,000, representing an astonishing return of 1,269% and an annual increase of $131,000. It sounds almost too good to be true – yet PlanB remains steadfast, adding that he also ""does not want to exclude the possibility"" that external factors such as wars, inflation, or the mining ban in China could influence the current cycle.

Although the markets are currently characterized by a bearish influence, this could soon change. The idea of half a million dollars by the year 2028 may initially seem far-fetched, but in the world of Bitcoin, anything is possible.

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