$200,000: Price Increase by End of 2025 with ETF Approval? ↑

The Standard Chartered Bank has made a bold prediction for the Bitcoin price by the end of 2025. According to this prediction, the price could reach $200,000 USD if the Spot ETFs are approved. The basis of this forecast lies in the expected inflows of $50 to $100 billion into the US-listed ETFs in 2024.

In addition to the potential of the new financial product, the development of Bitcoin over the past six years also speaks to a positive sentiment in the crypto world. Innovations such as the Ordinals have created new use cases and heightened interest in Bitcoin.

On January 8, the Bitcoin Archive account on X (formerly Twitter) shared an excerpt from a recent report by Standard Chartered Bank. Experts Geoffrey Kendrick and Suki Cooper see the possibility of Bitcoin rising to $200,000 USD. However, this depends on the approval of the Spot ETFs, which could lead to significant inflows of funds. This would result in the Bitcoin price increasing by 4.3 times its current price of approximately $47,000 USD.

The bank compares the expected gains from Bitcoin ETFs to those that once brought gold ETFs to the precious metal. However, it is anticipated that this process will occur much faster, with a timeframe of only two to three years.

The approval of the long-awaited ETFs is seen as a crucial step towards the institutionalization and normalization of financial institutions' participation in the crypto market.

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